My Story


My Education

Integrative Nutrition, New York
Health Coaching Certificate

Fordham University, New York
Masters in Education and Literature

Villanova University, Pennsylvania
Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Theater


About Me

My roots are in America. My home, with my husband and two boys, is in Germany. I grew up in Conshohocken (!), PA in USA with my five brothers and sisters and two loving and generous parents. I owe them my character, my flexibility, my patience (we had one bathroom) and my sense of humor...something you better have with 5 siblings, 40 first cousins and 28 aunts and uncles, who obviously really revered the pope.

Growing up, I learned to teach from my father who is a history professor and publisher and I learned to cook from my mother, who should be a five star chef but had too many diapers to change. I have many wonderful memories of dining together, amazing food, good wine and lots and lots of laughter.

I started working at 13 in an Italian restaurant. It was a simple start. My boss's name was Butch--enough said. I continued working for over 12 years in catering and various restaurants until I finished my education. I then started teaching literature in "da Bronx." I've never laughed so hard, loved what I did more....nor had more amazing ethnic street food since. Over time I started teaching literature and writing at Baruch College in Manhattan with students from all over the world, who to this day influence my perspective on things. NYC was not only the perfect place for a foodie to live but also a heaven for a person who loves watching that crazy, diverse street parade unfold on a daily basis. Unfortunately, as John Steinbeck wrote, "Once you have lived in New York and made it your home no place else is good enough." 

I met my German husband while I was there and eventually moved to Freiburg, Germany and then a year later to Cologne (Thank God!). Here, I had the honor of becoming a mother to two amazing, sweet boys and of learning exactly why .....Köln ist ein Gefühl! 

 After the little ones were off to school and kindergarten, packing my heart along with them in their little backpacks...sniff, sniff, I decided to take my lifelong interest in cooking and healthy eating and turn it into a new career. I studied nutrition and started giving workshops and working with clients on slowly improving their diet. After spending more and more time showing people how to cook and prepare healthy foods, I decided the next natural step was to start an organic catering company that specializes in healthy, balanced meals. I look forward to where the journey takes me....